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I have been in the creative web design field since 2005. Lead generation is my first and number one way I help businesses. 

"Without leads - you DON'T have a business"

I am a Licensed Drone Pilot for and producer of over 2 highly ranking Youtube channels.


My favorite type of customer is one that is willing to learn how to do things themselves. I love teaching others exactly how I do things - because I learn so much from working with other people!


Notable accomplishments include:

     - Increasing lead generation from 1-3 leads per month to over 60+ per month for Dynamic Drain Technologies


     - Building incoming leads from an average of 3 per month to over 80 per week for ERA Real Estate Professionals

     - Increasing blog readership to over 10,000+ average users per month for ERA Real Estate Professionals

Strengths Include:

     - Print Media Design, Website Design, Google Apps for Business, Adwords, Retargeting, SEO, SEM and PPC campaign development, Website Hosting, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Chatbot Lead Generation


Also Highly Skilled With:

Content Management (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  backend systems development, implementation and training. 


Web Design Specialist | Support Services

Training Services Offered

  • Wordpress Training - learn how to edit and optimize your new Wordpress website with a mentor by your side.

  • GSuite Training/Implementation - large or small emerging companies may need help switching from other email services to company wide Gsuite services. I can help with data migration, calendar implementation and Gmail setup to make your transition seamless and smooth.

  • Blogging Workshops - learn how to write effective copy and destroy the competition. Create a blog that has lasting power and will take your rankings from sea level to cruise liner lever

  • Social Media Use - learn which social media platforms are going to garner your business the best ROI. Don't waste your time tinkering with platforms that are going to run you ragged. Let me show you the way the pros use them to maximize your exposure to your target audience. B2B and B2C are totally different animals.

  • Website Design - It's so easy to get sold on a package that lets you think you can make a full fledged website at the click of a button. But just as with anything new, the learning curve can be as wonky as the tides that washed you out to sea. If you are trying to figure out how to make your site look amazing I can help you. I have worked on Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, GoDaddy Sites, Google Sites, 1and1 Sites, Yahoo Sites and many more. 

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